Saturday, December 20, 2008

music survey

Male or Female?
: Female

: 17 years old .
What is the 1st album you bought with your own money?
: Adam 2
What was the format of the album?
: mmm, CD ?
What is the 1st album you ever had?
: ADAM !

What is the 1st concert you saw?
: During Merdeka daay ?

What is the 1st musician you had a crush on?
: Adam :D

What is the 1st band that made you love music?
: Spice Girls
Name at least one song that you loved at one point in your life but that you hate now?
: Im Yours !
Which song reminds you of your childhood?
: Idk. tkde kot?
Which song reminds you of your teenage years?
: banyakk. nk buat list bolee? hehehe
Name 5 of your favorite bands:
: Jonas Brothers , PCD , KRU , Bunkface , MUH
Name 3 of the bands you hate the most:
: None.

Name the most annoying song that you know:
: Kena bilang kerr?tknah uh.nnty kene ban ! heheh

Name a song that you can’t resist dancing when its playing:
: Burnin' Up?
Name a song that you consider the worst ever:
: None

Name a song that you wish you had wrote it:
: None

Do you like these kind of music? :
Rock and roll? depends
Punk? Nope
Huh? aper J-Pop?
Reggae? yang maner eyh?
Death Metal?
NO . gylerr ke pehh ?
Hardcore? some ?
What is the most beautiful song you have ever heard?
: a lots !!

What’s the best album to have a romantic evening?
: Adam 2
If you could spend 1 week with any band/musician alive or dead who would it be?
: Adam and Aliff aziz
Have you ever met someone from a band?
: KRU ?
Have you ever been to a concert and came out disappointed?
: Nope.

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