Saturday, December 27, 2008

H E L L O !
actually I baru selesai bace KOSMO!
the newspaper that my dad bought.
Diana Danielle didn't go PLKN !
why DEE ?
takkan pasal u ade contract film u tk pegy ?
well I think after dis ppl out there sure blame u !
bt who me to say dis ?!
nvm. up to you DEE.

stop that HOT STORY !

I didn't go Sehati Berdanse Final .
bcoz the tickets SOLD OUT !
so sorry memberss ! we go next year yerr.
and I think I want cut my hair.
sudah panjang and sudah gugur la my rambot.
must cut la kann. sedih2 :'(
nvm rambot misti panjangg punyerr .
tmr go Puchongg. my Czen kawenn !
hope can see FIZZ ! ku jumpe kau dkt sanerr orite ?
idk weaither we're czen or not . I think we're czen. hahahaha LAME.
excited la kann. hehehe :)
Azlan text me and ask me fr edit his pic.
and I've done .
burokk la plakk. ayark. shiittt!!!
so hve to go now. nak pegi kenduri sunat.
hahahah sunat pon ader kenduri.
tidakk ku sangkaa2. hahahhahahahahahha
byebye ppl.
sayangg kamo :)

♥ Faizah Azmi

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