Friday, December 19, 2008

happy mood !

Hello ppl ,
I've change my blogskin again.
ppl keep told me that they do noe hw to read my blog.
so I decide to change. and now its change.
hehhehe :)

its my Happy day act .
finally i've got job. hee~
This Monday , I will start my work at Parkson.
cari pengalamann jerr .
oklahh tu. so dapat pegang duet sendiri pehh. yahoo!
and I will be at Babies Dept with 1 guy name Azlan .
I knw him yesterday bcoz both of us interview at the same time.
he seat beside me pehh. Azlan best !
hahhaha. belom kerje da bodek orangg. ayarkk . wth!
andand all my fren pon dapat kerja jugak.
Zura and Sabrina as a Cashier.
Teyka and Zera as Promoter at Stationary Dept.
Pina? well she did'nt got yesterdayy bcz family matterr.
and Pina tk dpt kerja tu. so sad la kann.
Pina, tkpe! kiteorang cuti , kiter keluar okaay ?!

today wke up around 11 am.
last nyte I sleep arnd 4.30 am kann.
hahahha :)
chat with Fazrin at ym laa.
kiterr terok ! sakkkk weii.
and today maybe pegyy Alamanda lagi.
Kyla ajak Zura and I compny her interview at Parkson.
lol. smlm tknak folow ni budak. xD

So I'll end here.
Now cnnt update everydayy .
If I free , I will update.
hahahah cian my blog.
so do take care peeps.
byebyebye. Ilydsm !!!

♥ Faizah Azmi

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