Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi Boice out there!

Honestly, I'm just interested CNBLUE after I watched Heartstrings although at that time I was watching The Gentleman's Dignity where Jonghyun there. At that point, I just heard the song My Love by Jonghyun. And I really like the song but I do not know who the singer is, maybe because I'm not a fan of Collin? hahah

After I watch Heartstrings, I suddenly got the feeling like to know who Lee Shin's? He is seen as an excellent musician playing guitar and liked by many women. So, finally I know that he is Jung YongHwa from CNBLUE. I continued to hear the songs from their previous album.

Oh I'm not a hardcore fan of Kpop before. Right now, not a hardcore fan, but are only interested in the concept of CNBLUE probably because they carry different from the others. So in order for their latest album of Can't Stop, I have been listening to the first song, which was launched on Sunday if I'm not wrong.

Track: Can't Stop 

At first, when I heard a teaser for all the songs for the new album, I thought this song (Can't Stop) is a sad song but my impression is totally wrong. It started with a slow melody or as we call it as a sad melody. But the melody continues to change when it is chorus part. It is a vibrant and exciting!

You understand what I mean? They are very energetic and we as listeners or viewers who watched this video also feel like want to play piano, guitar and the drums. (hahah, it's me actually)

This song create a romantic atmosphere that is so cute and it felt like we were there. Ahh cute, right? To slow and upbeat melodies, they give different facial expressions. And it's very interesting.

Congratulations from me for the song Can't Stop. I can not wait to hear the next song, and I expect that all the songs in this album will be a hit and be my favorite (although it has been to be my favorite). Oh congratulations again for Can't Stop for being number 1 on Malaysian iTunes chart!

Your Newbie Boice,
Faizah Azmi

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