Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Faizah Azmi & Faizikri Azmi

Helo ,
nw starting my whole daay with wke up for shc then study and merayau with Kayla.
then balik rumah and my jiran, cik Arahh called me for crap with she's daughter.
3 pm, enter my home sweet home , masak nasi then tido kejab coz mata mmg da ngantok since ekonomi class. ngantok gylezz. so ptg bangun, then makan la with adekk. So tadi amik pic yang merepek2 gitu dgn adekk. so now blogging la after chatting with my counselor at ym. nothing to st0ry la tday. owh yeah tmr maybe i will prtcpate for karaoke during hari raya crmny in my sch. En Shamizi enter my class room after resest ang tell to the whole class " nnti suro stacy and hafsham nyanyi eh!!" and i was like WHHAATTT ?!! NO WAYY ! SHYSHY LAAA ! so dorang gelakk2. pe funny eh ? idk laa. ok la. till then. take care all. byebye ;DD
Adio0ssS ~~

♥Faizah Azmi

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