Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Chat with NaNa


I give my heart to you .

Peace :)

Helllo peeps,
nw kat depan, ramai tetamu. So im been bz a while la kann.
So here i post some random picture before my open house start. which is my picture. hhehe . tadi borak dengan NANA,which is one of aliffangels dari Spore then c.Zura dtng then my fren yang dtang pon a few jek. maybe later dorang datang. so thanks to my classmate yang datang. THANKS EHH DATANG RUMAHH AKU. so ada few frens tk dpt datang bcoz ada urgent case. its ok la. So now im boring bcoz tak tao nak layan sape . nw i take tyme for blogging la kann. owh yeahh, yesterday we watch HSM3 at cinema ! HSM3 ROCKS la kan. mmg gerek, best, happening , sad , almost hve all la kann. juz now Sufri sms me tell he, Kaliesa and SKY keluar shoppingg ! wow! best koranng dapat hang out dgn SKY. Ok lah, need to go. nanti my dad marah bcoz tk layan tetamu kann. urmm.. what ever laa.
so do take care peeps ! byebye.

♥Faizah Azmi

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