Friday, March 20, 2009

Miss youuu

Waddup ppl :)
lame tk update ini blog kannn.
anwy, pegi Johor last weekends coz ade kenduri kawenn.
bosann oii. tapi redhaa.. hahahha terok eyhh xD
so will upload all the pics later ehh .
owh yeahh, yesterdy jupa Fizz.
remmber him ? check old post if u want see his pic.
lalalallala ...
this weekends ada kenduri kawen dkt Langat pulakk.
and now here I am.. LANGAT !
merepekzzz lol.
Fizz ! thanks datang Putra ok..
nanti jumperr lagii. aku ajak Zura pulakk.
hahahhaha ;D

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