Tuesday, May 19, 2009


*ignore with the face*
*old pitchaa*
Happy Good Morningg.
currently watching TV3. Just forget what the title. hahhaa.
who's care ? YOU ? me ? nobody laaaaaaaaaaaa .
now 3.40 am , still dun sleepzz . get boringgggg.
have read alotzz of AF7 story tday.
btw AKIM and ARIL will be AWAY for a weeks .
where they go ? JAKARTA ehh .
sedihh. gonna miss HIM. tc yeahh.
just email to Gafim's admin abt the gathering.
hope they accept my idea to do the gather .
haiyerr, dunno wht to write laa.
maybe later will update . no ideas.
ok tmr arnd 3 pm , go Alamanda with Teyka and Zera .
so yeahh . yeyyy , nk beli majlah AKSI . luperr nk beli dkt knsert hri tu.
tc .

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