Saturday, February 7, 2009

change pic. hehhe xD

Sup ?!
Whre am i ryte now?
Nw i dkt Angkasapuri .
What fr ? BINTANG RTM 2009 !!
Still waiting fr register . Kata open pukul 8 am .
Nw dah 9.22 am oi .
Mati kesejukan aku kat sini . Hahaaha xD
While im waiting fr regster , tgk ade wireless .
Pe lagi , try to gt onlinee laa kannn .
And practice my song laa . Hanya Di Mercu by Ayu OiAM2
Tkde la ramai sgt yg dtg fr audition .
AF and BINTANG RTM , of coz ppl will go AF !
Bt why i go Bntng RTM ? Coz da cukup umo uhh .
Will try AF next year uhh ;)

So ppl ,
Byebyee :)

; Faizah Azmi

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