Wednesday, October 21, 2009

last night :/

BUT LOVE him ?
I do not know WHAT my real sense IN he.

happy when well off sense with he.
he overly take care of myself.
but when he hurt me, I pained.
I want with he.

yesterday go out for a meal with him and we talk as usual. we joke, play game is in my hdp. but when he want to return him produce sentence I his insinuation on tease to me."we 2 people only. 8.30 pm but 8 people ? wth! " excuse me. do not know the matter will happen. I remember us 4 people but I wrong. it 8 people. apology ?

last only go back from restaurant, I message in he and apologise on what happens and promise to be dining with her in tomorrow night ( today ). but he said "no promise" .
ok know me wrong. but I already tired to apologise because I sense me is difficult one man to apologise but easy forgive people.

I really want know what will happen later.
I beg leave to retire once. many more I need make and thank you all since taking care of myself. and thank you Husna because lend me broadband to finish up the assignment.

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