March 29, 2017

Dari hati ..


Dua tiga hari ni, aku perlukan jawapan yang aku sendiri tak pasti. Sampai sekarang aku fikir apa yang patut aku lakukan. 

Tak setuju?

Apa gaya yang aku patut buat? Sebab aku sendiri tak pasti. Aku perlukan jawapan. Tapi aku sendiri tak pasti jawapan yang mana aku patut bagi.

Tak setuju?

Pening, serabut adalah nama kedua aku buat masa ni. Dengan hal kerja, dengan hal separuh kerja. Dua-dua penting. Dua-dua impian aku tapi sigh -.-

Menulis adalah sebahagian dari diri aku. Dengan menulis, aku curahkan semua perasaan aku. Aku gembira, sedih, teruja, kenyang, lapar, dahaga, semua aku luahkan disini. Pelbagai cara, bentuk dan gaya yang pasti.

Tapi aku tetap tak pasti dengan apa yang aku fikir. 


Let's get pretty with The Body Shop! ♥

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When it comes to natural products and taking care of the world one product at a time, The Body Shop is your go to brand for all eco sourced products. Now that you can shop Body Shop online you don't have to worry about going to the store (p/s: We can save a lot of money weh! Yey! I like this). But, it can be very hard to choose what to buy if it's your first time buying the brand (I know the feeling. I was nervous for my first purchased too!). Today we take a look at The Body Shop's newest and top products so you can buy their bestsellers.

1. Drops Of LightPure Resurfacing Liquid Peel

Want brighter and fresher looking skin? This is your best bet. This get-to-peel technology contains brightening Red Algae Extract harvested from the North Atlantic. It is also rich in vitamin C one of the important vitamins for brighter tone skin. Don't worry, this is not a chemical peel. It is specially formulated to be gentle and remove impurities on your skin great for dry to combination skin. You may use this once every two weeks or once a week depending on your preference.
2. Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel

This next product is also a peel but formulated for oily to combination skin. Formulated with 3 plant stem cells, this peel is amazing for daily skin resurfacing. For those stuck in the city and always around urban pollution, this product is made for you. Leaving your skin purified from the taking off the day's skin pollutants, adding this into your beauty regime can help restore your skin's bounce.
3. Drops Of LightPure Healthy Brightening Serum

What's better than ending a beauty ritual with a serum? You definitely need to have this if you're using facial peel before it. This brightening serums helps soothe and calm your skin after the exfoliation. Great for all skin types as it is lightweight and highly absorbent, the brightening serum adds a glow and provides proper hydration for your skin. Say goodbye to dark spots and reveal brighter more even skin tone with this amazing serum.