Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Hola :)
cam nk hujan jerk kt luar neyh. best. sejuk ! heee~~
hari ni as usual mkn roti choc n beli mineral. dats my bf. hhuhu.
nw rehat smpai jam 10.30 am. so i take a tyme for blogging. heheh xD
owh yeah. maybe tmr is my last posting! bkn stop terus bt for a while jerk.
ade trial SPM. so stop dulu uh. bt if i hve sumtink to share wif u all, i will update kaay.
owh yeah. to all AYU FANS, jumpa anda Sabtu neyh kaay.
dat all for tday. nk makan dlu. hehhe :)
tc readers.

♥Faizah Azmi

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