Thursday, April 8, 2010


Whoots ~
hey ppl , watcha doingg ? Im going fr holiday till next week starting tmr . oh excited gyler oi . bt sometimes rasa macam malas nk cuti . bila cuti je gaduh . tak happy langsung . and what do you feel when someone dont want to talk to you and hangout with you ? frustrated ryte ? so do I ppl . mcm nak menangis tau t. tapi dia paham tak ? erm . petang da plan nk keluar bt end up tiba-tiba orang tu nak emo . kenapa eh ?

to you ,
why eh ? erm . tau tk esok nak balek and we'll not hangout tgether fr a weeks ok !
I know you'll NOT miss me , kan ? kalau tak , mesti nak jumpa kan ?
serious you buat me terasa eh . bt who me to talk much than you ?

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