Saturday, December 20, 2008

Male or Female?

> Female


> 13 in 2 days time. Hahs.

What is the 1st album you bought with your own money?

> Erm, Aliff Aziz/Taufik's 3rd album! (1st album bought was Hady's but my mum paid for it. x)

What was the format of the album? Err, CD?

What is the 1st album you ever had? Hady Mirza's!

What is the 1st concert you saw? Ermm, i dont know?

What is the 1st musician you had a crush on? Ermm, Syed Azmir!

What is the 1st band that made you love music? Hmm, i guess it must be My Chemical


Name at least one song that you loved at one point in your life but that you hate now? Ermm..i don't hate any songs. I just don't listen to most songs that are 3-5years back.

Which song reminds you of your childhood? I don't know,

Which song reminds you of your teenage years? Alot of love songs! Hahs!

Name 5 of your favorite bands: Sleeq(Wait, are they a band?),Merah Band, Ungu, ST12, Kangen Band

Name 3 of the bands you hate the most: None.

Name the most annoying song that you know: Ermm, i don't know.

Name a song that you can’t resist dancing when its playing: Dancing? None. But singing to

myself- Gadis Itu

Name a song that you consider the worst ever: None

Name a song that you wish you had wrote it: None

Do you like these kind of music? :

Rock and roll? Nope
Punk? Nope
J-Pop? Huh?
Grunge? Huh?
Reggae? Some
Death Metal? NO
Screamo? No
Hardcore? No

What is the most beautiful song you have ever heard? Many =D

What’s the best album to have a romantic evening? Suria Hatiku

If you could spend 1 week with any band/musician alive or dead who would it be? David

Archuleta! Hady Mirza! =D

Have you ever met someone from a band? Yeahh, Merah Band, Cradle, Raven, Spellbound

Have you ever been to a concert and came out disappointed? Nope,

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