Friday, August 5, 2011

Tears :'(

Morning Yawss :)
Having Sahur With Her . Ayam Kurma Our Dish . Sedap .
Will Berbuka With Beloved Bestfriends Today . Maybe ? See You Guys Soon .
Read Her Website Yesterday . Looks Like Entry That She's Post Abt Me Are Already Moved ! Whatever . Seem Like I Care ?!

Doing 3D's Yesterday For The Whole Day .
Yesterday I Become A Interior Designer By Draw Furniture That Were In Living Room By Using 3D Max Software. Very Excited And Not Many Remark About The Work And May Be Said Good :) My Brain So Pity, Think Like Alot Yesterday . Haishh

Berbuka With Housemates Yesterday . Dalam Hujan Ku Redah Bersama Nora Untuk Membeli Juadah Berbuka -.-" Met Our ExLeader Of JPP . Well He Still Remember Me ^^
Im Too Tired .

Write Later .
Adioss :) Take Care .

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